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A new concept that is changing people's lives.

Send Out Cards home business Send a physical greeting card with your personal message from any computer in less than 60 seconds, for about $1.00 per card!

That's right folks, welcome to SendOutCards. We are the Nation's fastest growing greeting card and appreciation marketing company.

SendOutCards is about changing people's lives for good one card at a time. We believe we can change the world one card at a time. We are showing that we can create residual income one card at a time.

No matter what level you choose to be involved. This service will change your life for good.

What we do

  • Choose a card from our 16,000 card catalog
  • Create our personal heart-felt message
  • Click send
  • Show others to do the same

appreciation marketing At SendOutCards we will Print It, Stuff It, Stamp It and Mail It, all for less than a greeting card at the store.

Why We Do It

  • Help people to act on their promptings
  • To show appreciation
  • To acknowledge special occasions
  • To renew relationships
  • To help brighten someone's day

Start Your Own Greeting Card Business

SendOutCards is all about improving lives, and a big part of that is financial freedom. Our income opportunity provides you with exactly that. Hereís a look at how you can earn an income by sharing SendOutCards with others:

Residual Income from Cards & Gifts Purchased

As you build an organization of preferred customers and other licensed entrepreneurs, youíll earn a retail profit on points purchased towards cards and gifts according to SendOutCardsí Compensation Plan .

With the potential to have an organization of thousands, imagine the residual income you can create in only a few years!

Commission Bonuses from Your Teamís Efforts

appreciation marketing As you share the SendOutCards system with others, youíll be able to earn bonuses from your sales and your teamís efforts as well. Starting off, youíll receive $120 every time someone purchases a Entrepreneur or Wholesale Package Plus, and that amount only increases as you rank advance. Commission bonuses are paid weekly!

Retail Profits & Bonuses for SOCBox Sales

You can share the standard packages or even the bonus method, the SOCBox, with others. Youíll be able to earn a retail profit on every SOCBox sale and a bonus for every 10 SOCBoxes that are activated in a 30-day period.

The best part of all is that youíll be able to host home parties, make friends, and earn extra income each month. With the party format and your own creativity, the possibilities are endless!
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